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Refer A Friend Get 3 FREE Questions.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to coming here today. We have worked very hard at what we offer our people.  We understand that it is very hard to find someone that is Honest, Open, and Sincere with Integrity. We here at Garden Psychics would like to make a change in the industry &  show you that we are not out for your money! We actually care for you! We want you to feel comfortable enough to know that we are aware that you are seeking truth, honesty, & need answers to things.

We take pride in our work & would like to offer up 3 FREE questions for you to ask our Gypsy.  She will give you a Very Honest, Sincere, Ethical,  Answer for all 3 of your questions & get back to you with in 24 hours. You must give her time to reply within a day. She is getting a great deal of emails on a daily basis. 

It is our mission to make sure that you are happy with our services. You get the Answers that you deserve. We will not candy coat anything. However, We will not be rude in delivery either. We will explain things with integrity and manner.  We do want to let you know that it is our goal to make sure that you leave happy and pleased with our services. 

When you send Gypsy your email you will need to send it to    Please be sure to let her know the Name(s) & DOB(s) of each one that you are talking about. Then if you could please number your questions for her that would be a great help. such as 1.)    2.)  3.)    Then give her your question. Please , Do NOT be ashamed to be long winded or not. There is no time constraints here. Just as long as she can understand what it is you are asking her. 

Company policies –Payment is due before services are to partake. Should your payment decline, we are unable to help you. You can always save a spot for a later time though. In addition. Be sure you have read the Rules & Regulations  before any reading  or services could begin.  We always make sure that everyone is happy. 

Among  the group of us,  We do have well over 22 or more years experience. Giving you well knowledgeable  Psychics, Mediums, ect...... to help give you insight as well as guide you on things. Therefore You can also use others to get a reading if you like stop by going to the  Online Appointment Page to set something up.  Fell free to get to know who we have by going to our Meet Us ALL Page to see who you would like. 

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When it comes to the Refer A Friend, Get 3 FREE Questions. You must get them to purchase more minutes with Gypsy in order for you to get your 3 FREE questions. 

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