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 We have been working with our skills now for over 18 plus years, We enjoy looking forward to broadening our horizon & helping others as we can. Accuracy is our number one priority. We will give our honest advice, We work with a lot of Energy & we are empath, & can use many tools to assist us if you like. Relationship help, Energy healing, We enjoy giving readings &helping where we can as well. We believe that positive energy will bring you a positive outcome. We are  No-nonsense readers & will not just say things to make it sound good! We are ethical & have morals as well as having respect for our clients. Matrimony services performed   

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 What to expect in your reading: Have you been wanting an honest reading?  Do You Need Truth? Would you like consultation before the reading? We enjoy empowering those that are in need. Are you looking for accuracy? Clairvoyant,  Assisting those that need clearing in there Energy, Honesty, Integrity, with morals. Be sure to obtain a psychic reading, or better yet try our Tarot , Palm reading,  Reality readings, in person, on the phone, via email, also video readings, text, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, Skype, Chat room & more be sure to book in your appointments 



Clairvoyance - Clear seeing

Clairvoyance is an inner seeing. It's the most well know, least understood. Intuitive gifts are on this list of psychic abilities. 

I would describe it as having the ability to see like a movie in your head. 

Clairvoyant psychics are not necessarily seeing your future or having dramatic psychic visions like you see in the movie. 

Clairvoyance can be very subtle. Like you may just see a color, number, or when a symbol.  A psychic may or may not understand what these images mean, & they are not always meant to be taken literally. 

However, a psychic can get a full blown premonition.  I.E. I knew that was going to happen!

Clairvoyance can have other terms like, third eye, psychic eye, or psychic visions

Clairaudience - Ability to hear

Clairaudience is a way of receiving intuitive messages without using one physical ears. I know this confuses you, so, let's explain.  Think of it as the ability to have inner hearing. It is like you suddenly hear that little voice inside you saying not to do it, or its okay.

When someone that is sensitive, like a medium is clairaudient. They are able to hear things that the others from within that others are not able to. I.E  a spirit voice, sound & even music. Such things like Spiritual mediums are often clairaudient & can hear what those who have passed on are saying.

For the most part a medium will hear Spirits speaking inside there own head in there own voice. Basically like reading in your head silently to yourself. In some cases a Medium can also hear the actual voice of the spirit had when they  were alive.

Others misconceive what Clairaudient is:  So, let's just say that your over a good friends thinking  that you hear spirits voices in there  house . This is usually not something to consider a clairaudient experience because the sounds were out loud, for all to hear with the physical ear.

Astrology - Planets positioning

Astrology have been around for thousands of year. It involves the study of 1. the positions of the planets in relations to the Earth. 2. how these positions correlate with personality characteristic or events.  There are many ways to use astrology, up into including looking at the position of the planets at the time when you were naturally born, (Natal chart), at different times in your life (transits, progression), or how the planets in one's chart compare to someone else's chart, (chart comparison). Many versions of astrology are used but the most common are Western, & Vedic (AKA: Eastern ) astrology.

Chakras - Inner body balancing

Chakras are energy centers that are located along your energy pathway, or meridians/channels within the body. The 8 primary chakras are located along the spine from the base of your body (feet) running parallel to the spine, down each arm & each leg, in the palms of each hand as well the soles of each foot. just to give you a feeling of a few. All chakras serve as receivers, storehouses, & transmitters of energy.  Chakras are the conduits through which life energy (AKA: universal life force, chi,) circulates.

Channeling - Trance or Connected with those that pass

Channeling is the art of allowing an entity, (I.E. angels, spirit guides, deceased loved one's)  to use your vocal cords & body to communicate directly with those on the Earth plane.

1.) Trance Channeling occurs when the act of channeling is done in a trance state, therefore the person is most likely not going to remember what they say.

2.)Psychical Medium-ship occurs when the entity being channeled is a passed on love one.

Deja Vu - Seeing the future yourself

Those times when someone feels that they are already done something before you even do it. From a metaphysical perspective, there are many possible explanations provided for Deja Vu feelings, including

1.) living out a part of your life script that you planned before coming to the Earth plane  

2.)  remembering a dream that you had in which you experienced the specific event/place/situation.



Someone who psychically tunes into the physical sensation or emotions of another person or group.

Energy Healing

There are many forms of energy healing techniques in use today, such as Reiki, Karuna ect... Although each system may use a different source of energy (I.E. spiritual energy, Earth energy), they all have  in common the belief that energy (as opposed to medicine) aids in the healing process. The healer is responsible for being a conduit for the energy, where it is passed into the body of the person being healed by using either  "hands - on" or a "hands 0 off") technique. Energy can be sent over distances or time, & it can be channeled into humans, animals, planets, as well as inanimate object.


Karma is the belief that souls have debts to pay back to other souls for either good or bad acts. Part of our life script may be a balance the energy between the two souls based on past karma.


Meditation involves the use of techniques to quiet the mind through the use of either , silent sitting, & eliminating all thoughts. Focusing on mantras, tones, or a physical object. like a candle flame, mirror or a picture of deity. Being guided through a meditation. while meditation the person often receives spiritual messages. 

Nature Spirits:

These are the angels that are assigned to every plant, animal on earth. In many ways, they are the equivalent of the primary guides that are assigned to human beings; they are also here to help both humanity & Mother Earth. When out in a natural setting, nature spirits will often absorb negative energy, ground you & remind you of your true priorities, where  we often feel better after being in nature. 


The belief that each number has a unique meaning & can be used to predict the future or describe personality traits. Various systems can be used in the assignment of numbers to letters. 



Pendulums are considered to be a form of dowsing. Numerous objects can be used as a Pendulum. Many modern pendulums are created using crystals or semi-precious stones suspended from a metal chain, because crystals & metals are good conduits of energy. But, if you are adept at using pendulums, almost any material / object can be used as long as the hanging object as the weight to it. 


To be a psychic is to have the ability to know information that cannot be known through the use of usual physical processes, I.E, senses, logic/reason. & to be sensitive to energies or processes beyond the psychical world.

Someone who has the ability to know information that cannot be known through the use of the usual physical process. I.e, senses, logic/reason. & to be sensitive to energies or processes beyond the physical world Good example would be a Psychic Medium.

Psychic Medium:

A more specific label that  is sometimes used for the type of psychic who can communicate with both the angelic realm such as angels, or guides, & deceased loved ones.


Reiki is an energetic healing technique that channels universal life energy, like spiritual energy, through the healer & into the person receiving a healing. It is recognized by many healing professions, including  nursing. Reiki attunements & cleanses are often results in increased psychic ability. 


It is that part of us that animates our physical body & is believed to be part of God/Spirit/Source/Universal Energy. (Our souls are sometimes called our spirit with a lower case s to differentiate it from Spirit (God) which is indicated with an upper case s.

Soul Mates:

The Soul Mate term is used in a number of ways by different authors, professionals, ect... Although this was more common in the past, it is still sometimes used to refer to the 1 person with whom we are to have a long term loving relationship. More recently, a soul mate is used to refer to any soul who has agreed to play an important/primary role in your current life script. You can also have many soul mates during your lifetime. Sometimes this person is a significant other/spouse, but sometimes this person is a friend, co-worker, ect... They can play a positive or negative role; but they always teach us lessons through their presence in our lives. Their role is seldom neutral. When you meet a soul mate you will feel drawn to interact with this person until the lesson is learned. After the lesson is learned, they will move out of our current life or remain. 


Soul Twin:

A Soul Twin is a term that is used in different ways by various authors, or professionals. The most common definitions include 

1.) a soul mate (see previous definition),

2.) another soul who is very similar to us in temperament, 

3.) as well , another soul who is part of our soul group, or 

4.) the act of a soul splitting into multiple parts before coming to the Earth plane in order to have a broader range of experiences.


This is a generic term used to describe that part of us that is not matter or part of our physical existence, I.E. soul, God, angels, archangels, or higher self. Many religions also believe that those who have died are "in spirit", another words the person's soul or essence survives after the body is no longer alive.

Spirit Guide:

Some people believe that everyone has at least 1 Spirit Guide who is with you from birth until death. Sometimes this is a deceased love one who passed before you were born, I.E, a great-grandfather/mother. or someone who you were connected to in a past life.  They are like a loving "Life-coach"

Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards are used to provide messages from a Spirit about the past, present, * future. They can be traced back to Italy in the Middle Ages; But their true origins are unknown.

Vibrational System:

The Vibrational System is a broad term to describe the energy that is flowing throughout the body.  The energy is also believed to emanate away from the body in the form of an aura. The term vibration is used because it is believed that this energy is vibrating.