I enjoy working with things involving the earth, water, air, & fire. I very much so enjoy a very good meditation each morning when i wake, as well when i am in need to just relax. I also enjoy making my own spiritual jewelry & aromatherapy products. I am an animal lover all around.  I at times will enjoy doing oil painting to get out some energy. In addition I very much love to listen to the various kinds of music that is out there today. I do tend to be partial to zen music when working.  I enjoy a good joke, &  helping others.

“If you have never tried a Psychic Reading before, now is a perfect time! I provide guidance and assistance for my clients in understanding the dynamics and difficulties of the challenges in their lives. help removing Paranormal, I'm able to connect with you through energy, my spiritual guides, as well as my passed on  that help me as well.  My abilities to give you the reading that you need for all of your questions or concerns. I make it intent to get you the answer that you seek.  My services are accurate, detailed, professional, and strictly confidential so call or email me today to learn more about my Readings and how I can help meet your needs.”

Experienced in many fields: Career, family obstacles,  relationships, life transition, career choices, Parenting troubles, Aura reading, Energy healing, Intuitive, Mediumship, Psychometry, Tarot  &, Palm reading, Marital Services Available & More. My goal is to give you the Truth even if it hurts. However, I am Not rude in my readings. I do have tact. & care about you. I have morals and dignity & will not lie! I will always help you be more confident and feelings move forward in life.

Spiritual training available, I enjoy teaching the way that the spiritual world works to those that are looking to grow there abilities.  In addition I train those that are needing there Negative energy  removed to find there true selves.