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I can't get over how accurate she was, even got down to the  dictation of how I looked with no photo, WOW! I am Amazed!, Very visual spot on. Enjoyed the reading very much and was not fluffed out or tried to tell me what i wanted to hear. Detailed in her readings and not just plain jane. Got into specifics with things that i enjoyed that others do NOT do. I can not get over how spot on she is with her reading with me, I will be back again. Thanks , JQ

Worked with her for a few months and she is very spot on with her work. She is very good. She advised me that my husband was coming back to me when many others would tell me that he was not. Today my husband is back with me and we are trying our relationship again and she predicted this 5 months ago when others had told me i had no chance in the world. She kept my faith going. She is exceptionally great at what she does. She is gifted and skilled by far. I have sent several friends to her and we all love her. She is to kind to share her gift with us. God Bless KS

I have been working with her for about 8 years now for my reader and i use her all the time. She works with me and tells me what is going to happen, and how to work with my relationship, I swear by her by all that is holy! I WILL NOT use any other have not and always call upon her for advice. She has always given me proper advice that had brought me and my boyfriend closer together today. I do not know what I would do without her! She is my guardian looking out for me. I feel that she always seems to know what i want before i am going to ask her. Very good with relationships and helping me with working on a bad situation that i had. The only thing is she knows before i tell her or She can see when something is wrong and can pick up when i am upset even when im not calling.  Your the best, JJ


Cherie did a palm reading for my mother and I for the first time.She was right on point with her reading and turned  out to be much more.The questions and doubts that I have had were answered. It was so enlightening, Thank you Cherie.

Sherri is by far the most accurate reader I have ever read with.  She not only predicted my future job and husband, but she also connected with both my grandmothers and described them to a tee.  I highly recommend Sherri and you will enjoy reading with her. She is the most compassionate, sensitive and caring human being you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. 

 Sherri is a wonderful reader, who is honest but caring at the same time, especially when you are facing very crucial circumstances in life. Her accuracy and her awareness in understanding other's emotion and motivations, truly is breathtaking. She has the ability to sense and predict situations that are so futuristic, that when it actually happens, I have been truly amazed at her accuracy! I recommend her for anything regarding love relationships, career, and anything that you might be concerned about as she has been a source of wonderful comfort and support for me. 

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